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Movebee Partners with PropertyTribes for Landlord Advice
PropertyTribes is the UK’s leading landlord and property investor community, and has over 55K registered users. It is celebrating its 10th year of providing a platform for landlords to discuss the private rented sector, and to share best practice and advice.
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Step-by-step guide to movebee for Landlords
Movebee is new platform where you can market your property directly to potential new tenants, showcase you are a great landlord and manage all aspects of your landlord life through one easy to use single platform. Movebee is also free to list, our cost of just £99 is only paid once you have found a new tenant/s and the referencing has been completed and passed.
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Do Landlords Need to Worry About GDPR Compliance?
Most landlords often don’t see themselves as being in business but at the end of the day they have clients, costs and a ‘product’ like any other commercial operation. And because they ARE a business, even the smallest one-property landlord is now covered by the recently-introduced GDPR rules, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation.
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Tenant Deposit Protection: Everything a Landlord Should Know
Since 2007 it has been a legal requirement for all English or Welsh private landlords to lodge their tenants' deposit with one of the three government-backed and approved schemes. This article tells you everything a landlord needs to know.
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Which areas of Croydon have the best balance of affordability but good income/high rents?
Croydon is famous for its central bustling, sky-scraper lined streets but many landlords seeking competitively-priced property AND top-end rents generally look to its surrounding suburbs for good returns on investment.
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What will the Westfield shopping centre do for Croydon’s property market?
Six months ago, Croydon Council gave the green light to a £1.4 billion Westfield shopping complex to replace the increasingly shabby Whitgift centre in the heart of the town, saying it would be the catalyst for a mini-boom in the area.
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Landlords: all you need to know about tax
Read our guide to taxes on your Rental Income, Stamp Duty, and Capital Gains Tax.
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The A to Z of being a Landlord
Once upon a time it was simple to be a landlord. They just found a tenant, took a deposit plus the first month's rent and handed over the keys. But the list of must-dos for landlords these days is much longer. Here's our A to Z guide.
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